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Margaret S. Petersen Award

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Award Background:

The Emerging and Innovative Technologies Committee (EITC) and the Education Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) annually invites applications for the Margaret S. Petersen Award. This award was established to honor Margaret S. Petersen, P.E., D.WRE, Dist. M. ASCE, a pioneer in hydraulics and water resources engineering. The funds for the award were obstained through the solicitation of gifts from her colleagues, admirers and friends.

Ms. Petersen maintained a long and distinguished history of committee leadership within ASCE and EWRI. Ms. Petersen worked for 35 years on various projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including a year on loan to the Special Engineering Division of the Panama Canal. During that period she served as a role model for other female water-resources professionals. Thereafter, she joined the University of Arizona Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics where she taught, served as a graduate advisor, and authored two books on water resources planning and on river engineering. She authored more than 100 reports and papers and contributed to numerous publications.

Ms. Petersen’s commitment to the water resources profession and her active engagement with ASCE and EWRI serve as the founding principles for this award. A single award is presented annually at the annual World Environmental & Water Resources Congress. The award recipient is encouraged to 1) join EWRI if she is not already a member; 2) attend the EWRI World Environmental and Water Resources Congress to receive her award; 3) serve as ambassador for the award by promoting it at her university, engineering alumni group(s), and/or via her employer; and 4) is strongly encouraged to sponsor a female student to attend the EWRI Congress and/or mentor a female student at a local university.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Margaret S. Petersen Award is presented annually to a female member of ASCE and/or EWRI who has demonstrated exemplary service to the water resources and environmental science and engineering community. Service may include EWRI leadership through standing or task committee participation; university or industry excellence in the water resources, hydraulics, or environmental-related science and engineering profession. The recipient must be a member of ASCE and/or EWRI. Previous recipients of the award are not eligible.

Application Procedure:

Application packages are due by October 1 each year, and should include the following items:

• A third party letter of nomination
• An Official Award Nomination form
• Nominee’s personal statement attending to how they meet the criteria for the award (not to exceed 1000 words)
• The nominee's curriculum vitae or biographical information
• Letters of recommendation (minimum of three, maximum of five)

The letter of nomination must include the nominee’s ASCE or EWRI membership number. Furthermore, the content of the package should explicitly support the nominee’s sustained record of EWRI leadership through EWRI council participation or standing or task committee participation and/or University or industry excellence in the water resources, hydraulics, or environmental-related profession. Package contents should also address the nominee's contributions as a mentor to female students or professionals. Complete applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Margaret S. Petersen Award Selection Committee.

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Electronic submissions are encouraged to awards@asce.org by October 1. Paper submissions are also accepted, in which case one copy of the complete nomination package should be received by the Honors and Awards Program at ASCE headquarters: 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4400 by October 1.

Please direct questions regarding the nomination process to:

Curt Elmore, Ph.D., P.E, Chair
Margaret Petersen Award Committee
Associate Professor of Geological Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, Missouri

Committee Members

Margaret S. Petersen Award Committee Members as of August 2016

Name Position Affiliation
Sheila Carpenter-van Dijk EWRI Awards Committee Representative Chair, Member Services Executive committee
Curt Elmore Chair Education and Research Council
Cassie Klumpp Core Member Education and Research Council
Laurel Saito Core Member Emerging and Innovative Technologies Committee
Sajjad Ahmad Core Member Emerging and Innovative Technologies Committee
Boualem Hadjerioua   At large member
Kristin White   At large member
Jeanne VanBriesen   Previous recipient
Peggy Johnson   Previous recipient

Previous Award Recipients

The award was originally established in 2010 as the Margaret Petersen Outstanding Woman of the Year award (see previous awardees below).



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