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Salmonella in meat products reduced by 90 percent in new research

Research into natural bacteria predators, called bacteriophages, are reducing contamination in meat processing. (Read more...)

de Mello's lab with meat samples preped for packaging

Slower snowmelt affects downstream water availability in western mountains

Ecohydrologist Adrian Harpold studies impacts of the Sierra Nevada mountain snowpack on streams, rivers and reservoirs. (Read more...)

Digging snow pits to determine water content.

Roadside gumweed in Nevada could be used as jet fuel for the military

A project to develop drought-tolerant energy crops capable of surviving in Nevada's desert climate. (Read more...)


Mae Gustin's team show a popular mercury measuring system yields inaccurate data

UNR's Mae Gustin has shown that current equipment measuring atmospheric mercury is 2 to 13 lower than actual levels, a very significant finding when attempting to lower global polluters. (Read more...)

Atmospheric sampling equipment

Hydroponic project finds multiple benefits for health and sustainability

After comparing soil and hydroponically grown strawberries, researchers in NAES determined the hydroponically grown strawberries had significantly higher yields than the soil-grown strawberries. (Read more...)

Hoophouse producing lettuce at the Valley Road Field Lab, Reno Nevada

New hoop house to provide fresh produce to low-income families

This collaboration with Catholic Charities truly exemplifies the land grant university's mission of teaching, research, and outreach programs benefiting the health and economic vitality of Nevada. (Read more...)

Ray Silva leans a hand to make the work go faster.