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 Publisher: CRC
  • ISBN-10: 1439810753
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439810750
  •  Number of Pages:  477

Publication Date: 06/23/2010

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Statistical Data Mining Using SAS Applications  2e

Requiring no experience with SAS programming, this resource supplies instructions and tools for quickly performing exploratory statistical methods, regression analysis, logistic regression multivariate methods, and classification analysis. It presents an accessible, SAS macro-oriented approach while offering comprehensive data mining solutions.

George Fernandez



Professor of Applied Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, USA

  Data Mining Using SAS Applications 1st ed Users: Webpage is moved. Click here to access it.

*********2nd Edition Users:*************************

  • To Download compiled macros: instructions are given in the Appendix of the 2nd ed
  • ( Scroll down this page for download link)
  • These Data mining SAS macros are now compatible with the  SAS Learning Edition and SAS EG 4.2. --More information is available in the book
Key Features
  • No SAS programming experience required:  This is an essential “how-to-guide”, especially suitable for data analysts to practice data mining techniques for knowledge discovery. Thirteen user-friendly very unique user-friendly SAS macros to perform statistical data mining are described in the book.  Instructions are given in the book in regards to downloading the compiled SAS macro files, macro-call file and running the macro from the book’s website.  No experience in modifying SAS macros or programming with SAS is needed to run these macros.

  • Complete analysis in less than 10 min:  After preparing the data, complete predictive modeling, including data exploration, model fitting, assumption checks, validation, and scoring new data, can be performed on SAS datasets in less than 10 minutes.

  • SAS enterprise minor is not required: The user-friendly macros work with the standard SAS modules: BASE, STAT, GRAPH and IML. No additional SAS modules or the SAS enterprise miner is required.

  • No experience in SAS ODS required: Options are available in the SAS macros included in the book to save data mining output and graphics in RTF, HTML, and PDF format using SAS new ODS features.

  • More than 150 figures included in this second edition: These statistical data mining techniques stress the use of visualization to thoroughly study the structure of data and to check the validity of statistical models fitted to data.  This allows the reader to visualize the trends and patterns present in their database.

What is New in the second edition?

  • Active internet connection is no longer required to run these macros: After downloading the compiled SAS macros and the mac-call files and installed in the C:\ drive, the users can access these macros directly from your desktop.
  • Compatible with version 9: All the SAS macros are compatible with SAS version 9.13 and 9.2 Windows (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Compatible with SAS EG: The users can run these SAS macros in SAS Enterprise Guide (4.1 and 4.2) code window and in SAS learning Edition 4.1 by using the special macro-call files and special macro files included in the downloadable zip file. (See Appendix1 and 3 for more information.)
  • Convenient help file location: The help files for all 13 included macros are now separated from the chapter and included in the Appendix 2.
  • Publication quality graphics: Vector graphics format such as ‘EMF’ can be generated when output file format ‘TXT’ is chosen. Interactive Java graphics can be produced when web output format is chosen.
  • Macro-call error check: The macro call input values are copied to the first 10 title statements in the first page of the output files. This will help to track the macro input errors quickly. 


Praise for the First Edition
"The macros integrate nicely with SAS’s output delivery system … . this is a book that could serve as an easy-to read introduction to some classical statistical techniques that are used in data mining, and, with the associated macros, provide an opportunity to see those techniques in action."
Journal of the American Statistical Association, June 2004, Vol. 99, No. 466

"…Use of these data mining SAS macros facilitated reliable conversion, examination, and analysis of the data, and selection of best statistical models despite the great size of the data sets. …"
—Christopher Ross, US Bureau of Land Management

"An excellent treatment of data mining using SAS applications is provided in this book. … This book would be suitable for students (as a textbook), data analysts, and experienced SAS programmers. No SAS programming experience, however, is required to benefit from the book."
Computing Reviews, June 2003

"… the book provides a welcome contrast to treatments of data mining that focus on only the most novel aspects of the subject. Dr. Fernandez is quite right in pointing out that a lot of data mining can be carried out by standard statistical methods in familiar packages. The book also has a healthy emphasis on the use of cross validation (a hallmark of data mining). This and other concepts are well illustrated with numerous examples. Finally, the book demonstrates that the fancy (and expensive) user interfaces sported by many data mining work benches are not essential to the data mining enterprise and might even be counterproductive."
Computational Statistics, 2005



New enhanced features of the macros

Download Book flyer (PDF file) Read it Online at STATSnetBase

****DOWNLOAD compiled macros, data and MACRO-Call Files

(64 bit version Updated 10/10/2011)





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Perform complete data analysis in less than 15 minutes!

  • Learn how to convert PC databases to SAS data

  • Discover sampling techniques to create training and validation samples

  • Understand frequency data analysis for categorical data

  • Explore supervised and unsupervised learning

  • Master exploratory graphical techniques

  • Acquire model validation techniques in regression and classification

Most books on data mining focus on principles and furnish few instructions on how to carry out a data mining project. Statistical Data Mining Using SAS Applications (2e) not only introduces the key concepts but also enables readers to understand and successfully apply data mining methods using powerful, downloadable SAS macro-call files. These techniques stress the use of visualization to thoroughly study the structure of data and check the validity of statistical models fitted to data. With the SAS macro-call files, readers will learn sampling techniques to create training and validation samples; exploratory graphical techniques, frequency analysis for categorical data, unsupervised and supervised learning methods; model validation techniques for regression and classification, and converting PC databases to SAS data.

  • Covers fundamental concepts before moving on to practical applications
  • Provides user-friendly SAS macro-call files.
  • Contains step-by-step instructions for performing data mining on sample datasets
  • Includes instructions for performing complete data analysis, including sampling, data exploration, violation checking, model validations, and options for report generation.

 System Requirements: Windows® XP NT 4.0 or higher; 200 MHz Pentium processor; 62 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive

Software Requirements: Licensed SAS modules BASE, STAT, GRAPH, and IML, version 9 or higher; SAS/LE 4.0 ( Most features), Microsoft Excel 97/2003 or 5.0/95; Microsoft Word to view RTF output; Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF output; and Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator


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