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       Statistical Data Mining Using SAS Applications 2e 2010"  BOOK


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FREE SAS STAT APPLICATIONS: Click the puppy to get SAS macro applications and ASHS2004 Presentation file (8:00 ODS enhanced): Quick results from Statistical analysis dog.gif (12972 bytes)

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***hot_job.gif (10279 bytes)   George Fernandez devises new childhood obesity screening tools | UNR Press Report | Online Citations | To Download sample charts go |                                                              


 BMI Made Simple: What Should I weigh ? What is your "maximum weight limit?" A simple calculation based on Body Mass Index (BMI). Click the links below: | UNR Press Report | LA times Story | Online Citations | KOLO TV (8) Video | KTVN (2) Video | KRNV (4) Video | More resources: |


Books on User-friendly Over weight and Childhood Obesity Screening Charts  are available NOW

New    Download a free ebook of these screening charts:         Boys      Girls

Purchase from ($16.95) Click the link below

1) Boys charts (Lbs-Inches) BMI computation is not required Click here for more information

2) Girls Charts ((Lbs-Inches) BMI computation is not required

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